Our Technology


Most of our automation processes work to get businesses information as quickly as possible. The speed of delivery can make all the difference between success and failure. We primarily help businesses in the retail, wholesale ecommerce business and the automotive industry, but have worked with many other clients in many other verticals. If you need information quickly, we can deliver it!


Our engines intelligently parse the data and accurately pinpoint the information that matches your criteria. Weeding out anything that will waste your time or distract you from the opportunities that will make you money. Hence why we named the company “Smart Tech” Auto.


We can automate just about any processes you are currently doing manually. We’ve custom developed features for our clients ranging from gathering information, parsing data, notifying employees, automated messaging and a lot more . If you have a subset of features you need, we can customize our technology and make it work on your terms.

Competitive Advantage

We’re looking for select partners who understand the value that our advanced technology can bring your business and bottom line. We’re your competitive advantage and we work together as your tech arm!